Parking E-Newsletter - April 28, 2017

University of Kentucky Parking and Transportation Services: Parking E-newsletter
April 28, 2017

Reminder: Core Lottery Applications Close Monday

As announced in early April, a select number of employee parking areas will change to core tier parking starting on July 1. These areas will provide greater predictability through permit restrictions; however, they will have a higher permit cost. The areas include:

  • Rose Street Garage (E2)
  • Sports Center Garage (E7)
  • Prall Street Lot/Seminary Drive (E28)

Interested employees may apply for the core permit lottery through the Transportation Services Customer Account Manager. The deadline to enter the employee core lottery is Monday, May 1 at noon.

Employees may choose to submit their name for more than one core parking area, and may rank their choices in order of preference.

The permits will be awarded through a random lottery, meaning that those who apply earlier do not have an advantage over those who apply later. The drawing for all core employee areas will be held on Tuesday, May 2.

Core permit lottery winners will be contacted by email, and will have two calendar weeks to log in to the Transportation Services Customer Account Manager to reserve and purchase their permit.

Those employees not selected in the lottery will be added to a wait list in the order in which they were drawn in the lottery. (Note, this list is not prioritized based on when the employee initially entered the lottery.) This prioritized waitlist will form the basis for future permit sales. Individuals on the waitlist have the ability to view their waitlist priority number by logging in to their customer account.

In addition to core permits, employees may also opt for intermediate or periphery permits. Permit sales for employee intermediate and periphery permits will begin on Wednesday, May 24. For more information on all employee parking options for 2017-2018, visit

Members of the campus community are encouraged to tune into 1700 AM (WQKH 253) to hear campus parking and transportation information. The station broadcasts 24 hours, 7 days a week.