Student Calendar

Student Permits Calendar - Spring 2018

All times are noon.

Permit Application Dates
December 11 - January 1 Accepting applications from all eligible students for C-BCTC permits (BCTC only), K permits and off-peak* permits. Apply in person, by mail or online.
January 2Express pickup begins. All online orders must be picked up in person at Transportation Services.
January 11Online sales end. Permits may only be purchased in person at Transportation Services.

*Read the off-peak parking explanation for more information.

Permit Enforcement Dates
Year-round Valid R17, R18, R29 and R30 permit required to park in designated lots.
January 2 Valid R2, R7, R11, R12, R14 and R15 permit required to park in designated lots.
January 8 Green Lot restricted to E-BCTC and C-BCTC permits.
January 10 First Day of Classes
Valid permits are required to park on campus and within designated lots.
Parking Permit Refund Information

You may return your permit to our office before classes start for a full refund.

If you graduate, withdraw or no longer need your permit, you may return it to Transportation Services for a partial refund. Permits may not, under any circumstances, be resold or transferred to another individual. Permits belonging to individuals no longer enrolled or eligible will be be deemed invalid and deactivated.

If purchased with a credit card, refunds will be issued to the credit card; if purchased by cash or check, a check will be mailed within 2-3 weeks of the refund request.

Permit prices and refunds are pro-rated on a monthly basis.