Parking Overview

Thousands of students, employees and visitors travel daily to the University of Kentucky's campus, many of them arriving by personal vehicle. Because parking on campus requires either a parking permit or the utilization of short term parking options, it's helpful to browse our site before you visit to learn pertinent information about your options and parking locations.

In general, UK Transportation Services allocates parking areas based upon the following classifications: visitors, employees and students. Please visit those individual pages to learn where you can park and to discover which options are best for your particular situation. Review our parking maps to get the lay of the land when it comes to surface lots and parking garages. And if you want to dig deeper, see UK's parking regulations.

Please also note that parking demands vary significantly based upon the time of day and even the time of year. It's generally much easier to park on campus during the summer or during academic breaks, for example. Visit our semester break parking page for more information.

Some of our parking lots and structures on campus are also quite large. If you sometimes have trouble remembering where you left your vehicle, review these useful tips.