Citations & Appeals

The primary goal of parking enforcement is to maintain access and equity for all users of the campus transportation system. Transportation Services does not use citation revenue as a means to increase operating funds and does not employ any type of citation quotas. Our Parking Violation Fine Schedule is available online.

Courtesy Voids

Before paying a citation and filing an appeal, please be aware that courtesy voids are available two times per fiscal year for those individuals who have a valid UK parking permit for the area in which they parked, but who did not properly display it as indicated on the back of the permit. Courtesy voids are not available in other cases, such as parking at an expired meter, failure to relocate a vehicle for game day, use of single-day scratch off permits, or parking in an area for which your permit is not valid. If you believe you are eligible for a courtesy void, please contact us at 859-257-5757 for more information prior to paying the citation and filing the appeal.

Appeals Process

If you believe your vehicle has been unfairly ticketed or impounded, you may file an appeal following the University's formal process. The appeals process consists of three stages, with the final two being arbitrated by individuals outside of the Transportation Services Department. The final stage in the appeals process provides individuals with the opportunity to appear before the full presidentially appointed parking citation appeals committee, consisting of faculty, staff and student representatives.

Individuals are required to file their appeal within 10 days of issuance of the citation. According to University procedure, individuals must first pay all outstanding citation, impoundment and storage fees. However, if your appeal is successful, the fees will be refunded. 

To file an appeal, either log into the Customer Account Manager or print this appeals form and mail or email it to Transportation Services.

Before you begin, please make sure that you have the following information:

  • Correct mailing address
  • Vehicle license plate number
  • Citation number

Please also review the University's parking regulations.