Employee Service Permit

Employees whose position responsibilities require them to provide service or frequently make deliveries to various locations across campus may be eligible for an Employee Service (ES) permit. ES permits provide the standard conveniences of an Employee Intermediate permit with the added advantages of the Service Permit.

Employee Service Permit Benefits

Vehicles displaying an ES permit are permitted in service areas or loading zones. The driver of a vehicle displaying an ES permit must be engaged in delivering materials or providing a service on campus. In addition, an ES permit allows the driver to park in any employee intermediate lot or structure on campus.

Service Areas and Control

Service areas are designated by yellow and white stripes or service area signs. Vehicles displaying ES permits may park in these areas for a maximum of 2 hours. Any request for an extension of the time limit must be made through Transportation Services. Service areas are controlled for permits between the hours of 5:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Monday-Friday, unless otherwise signed.

Loading Zones

Loading zones are designated by black and yellow striped lines or loading zone signs. Vehicles displaying UK E, ES, ADA accessible, S permits or vehicles on official business bearing United States Government or Kentucky Official license plates, or motor vehicles marked as delivery vehicles, may park in these areas for a maximum of 15 minutes for the loading or unloading items. Loading zones are controlled 24 hours a day year round.

Application Process

ES permits must be pre-approved by the employee’s department supervisor and the Director of Transportation Services. The supervisor should contact Transportation Services at 859-257-5757. 


2023-2024 ES Permit Monthly Price: $79

2023-2024 ES Permit Annual Price: $948

Employee – Department Cost Splitting

The cost of the ES permit can be split between the employee, who would pay the Employee Intermediate permit rate of $42/month, and the department, who would pay the Service Permit portion of $37/month. The cost split must be pre-approved by the department. It is not possible for the department to pay the full amount of the permit or pay more than the $37/month portion. The department can choose not to pay any portion of the ES permit.