Parking Permits

Primary Permit Groups


Consists of UK and BCTC (Bluegrass Community & Technical College) commuters and residents


Consists of UK and BCTC faculty/staff, teaching assistants, UK Medical Center and VA employees, and the press

What is a Parking Permit?

A parking permit is any device issued by Transportation Services or its designee allowing access to park in a specific parking lot, zone, or area on the University of Kentucky's campus. This includes, but is not limited to, the following: hangtags; adhesive window stickers and access cards for mechanical gates.

Using a Parking Permit

  • Once you receive a UK parking permit, hang the permit on your rearview mirror or display it on the left side of your dashboard in plain sight.
  • Your permit can be used in any vehicle you drive, in the parking areas designated by the permit.
  • Your permit is registered to you, and may not be used by anyone else.
  • The permit holder must be in the vehicle when parking on campus.


  • If you loan your vehicle to someone else, YOU will still be held responsible for any citation issued to it.
  • All vehicles parked on campus must display a valid permit during hours that lots are controlled.
  • Do not assume that because other cars are parked illegally that you may do so also.
  • Do not park on yellow lines, fire lanes, etc., with hazard lights flashing; this will not prevent you from receiving a citation.
  • Forgotten Permits: If you forget your permit, you may obtain a temporary day pass at Transportation Services (Parking control officers and gate attendants cannot issue a temporary pass to you). Should you forget your permit and receive a citation, Transportation Services will void one citation each fiscal year if the citation is delivered to our office within 10 days of the date the ticket was given.
  • Students: If you graduate in December or withdraw from classes, you return your permit to Transportation Services. We will refund your permit fee in appropriate situations on a pro rata scale.
  • Employees: If you terminate employment with the University, you must return your permit to Transportation Services immediately upon termination in order to be removed from payroll or to receive a refund. Any vehicle parked on campus displaying a permit of a terminated employee is subject to a citation and/or impoundment at the owner's expense.

Permit Loss or Theft

If you lose or damage your permit or if someone steals it, be sure to contact Transportation Services quickly. Your lost or stolen permit will be listed on a "hot sheet," and any vehicle caught using it will be impounded and the owner fined.

Permit Replacement Fee: $15.00

IMPORTANT: If you find your own permit after reporting it lost or stolen, immediately turn it in to Transportation Services. Do not use it again. Also, don't use any other permit you might find or that you might get from someone other than Transportation Services. If it has been reported lost or stolen or issued to another individual, you will be fined for using it, and your vehicle will be impounded.