Permit and Control Calendar

Summer 2023

Campus parking and transportation changes over summer to accommodate a temporarily reduced campus population. Below are updates for the period beginning Monday, May 8, through Friday, August 11:
UK Employee Parking Lots & Structures
Employee lots remain on control for employee permits over summer. Off-peak parking does apply to many employee lots, after 3:30 p.m. weekdays.

UK HealthCare Parking Structures
here are no changes to UK HealthCare policy which restricts employee parking in UK HealthCare patient/visitor parking garages and lots over the summer.

Student Parking Lots & Structures
Summer parking permits authorize students to park in most student lots, as well as Cornerstone Garage (PS #5), Scott Street area lots, and Sports Center area lots, excluding spaces along Complex Drive, which remain restricted to E7/R7 permits.

Unlike previous years, however, certain floors of Rose Street Garage (PS #2) and Sports Center Garage (PS #7) will not be open to any valid UK permit. Instead, these structures will be restricted to their specific permit types: E2 and R2 for Rose Street Garage, and E7, C7, EC7, and R7 for Sports Center Garage.

Like Rose Street Garage and Sports Center Garage, some surface lots also remain on control for specific permit types 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These include: employee reserved lots; the Nutter Center Lot; Memorial Coliseum residential areas (R17 and R18); Complex Drive (E7/R7); the Football Training Center Core Lot (E31); the South Mill Lot (C40); and Seminary area residential lots (R29 and R30).

Additional Updates:

  • Hourly parking payment is required as usual for all visitor pay lots and campus parking meters during the summer.
  • The Orange Route (UK Healthcare) buses will continue to run a normal schedule throughout summer.
  • The campus BlueWhite and Green routes will operate on a modified schedule of 6:45 am to 6 p.m. Monday, May 8, through Friday, August 11. All routes will return to normal operating hours beginning on Monday, August 14.
  • The weekend Yellow Route will not run during the summer. It’s last day of operation before is Sunday, April 30. The Yellow Route will restart on Saturday, August 19, when it begins its regular Saturday and Sunday schedule.