Permit and Control Calendar

Permit Enforcement Dates | Summer & Fall 2022

Parking remains on control over the summer, although it does become more plentiful. Please note that employee lots remain on control for designated permits throughout the summer months. In addition, some areas are on regular control for specific permits all summer, including R17, R18, R29, R30, the Nutter Center, and the Football Training Center.

Parking control dates for the 2022 summer session are: May 9 through August 12.

Student summer parking permits authorize parking in Cornerstone Garage (PS #5), the Scott Street area lots (C9), the Green Lot (R10 & C10) and the Sports Center area lots (C7). Rose Street Garage (PS #2) levels 1-2 are restricted to E2 & R2 permits during the summer, but the upper levels are available for individuals with any valid UK permit. Sports Center Garage (PS #7) level 1 is restricted, but levels 2 & 3 are also available for individuals with any valid UK permit during the summer.

All campus lots and structures will return to regular control on Monday, August 22, when fall semester classes start.

Residential Areas | Fall 2022

Year-Round Valid permit required (R17, R18, R29 and R30)
August 13 Valid permit required (R2, R5, R7, R10, R11, R12, R13, R14, R15, R17, R18, R29, R30, R34)

Periphery (K), R19 & Remote (X) Lots  | Fall 2022

August 13 - August 21 Lots off control 
Monday, August 22 Valid permit required (K, R19, X)

BCTC Green Lot | Fall 2022

August 15 E10, C10 and R10 permits required

Commuter Lots | Fall 2022

August 15 C5, C7, C9, and C10 permits required