Ride Amigos

Ride Amigos

UK Transportation Services' partnership with Ride Amigos offers free access to trip planning resources for University of Kentucky students and employees. Ride Amigos is a cloud-based commuter software program that allows users to easily find others who are travelling in the same area and could potentially share rides.

While the platform offers easy-to-use tools for people who are interested in ridesharing or carpooling, it also has information on walking and biking, public transportation and driving options. Anyone with a UK linkblue login can use Ride Amigos. Visit https://uky.rideamigos.com/ to register and log into the site.

Once you create an account, the Ride Amigos platform produces a customized dashboard that enables you to see and track your commutes and to create or search for other transportation options. You can use Ride Amigos to locate carpool opportunities from your home to campus or to search for ridesharing opportunities for spring break or for away football, basketball or other sports-related events. The platform enables you to connect with other potential carpool drivers or passengers quickly and easily. As the number of users on the system increases, ridesharing options become more abundant.

Ride Amigos can also be used to compare travel options, travel times and costs, while factoring in the health perks and environmental impacts of each option. The program also has the ability to create mobility-related challenges between teams or networks. Using the integrated smartphone app, users can log their daily vehicle commutes or even their pedestrian or bicycle miles.

The Ride Amigos app is available for both Android and Apple devices.

If you’re a member of UK’s Commute Club, you can use the Ride Amigos app to earn points that can be redeemed for prizes at the end of the year. Learn more about Commute Club here.