Pedestrian Advisory Committee

The UK Pedestrian Advisory Committee is comprised of faculty, staff and students and is chaired by the director of UK Transportation Services. The committee has four primary goals:

  • Bring together diverse campus administrators to address pedestrian conditions on campus;
  • Provide a forum for feedback on pedestrian-related issues;
  • Increase the viability and safety of walking as a form of campus mobility; and
  • Establish a dedicated funding source for pedestrian education and infrastructure improvements.¬†
Pedestrian Advisory Committee Members Office/Department
Lance Broeking, Chair Transportation Services
Sandra Broadus Transportation Services
Ashley Hinton Student Wellness
Jody Ensman Health and Wellness
Shane Tedder Office of Sustainability
Lee Poore Occupational Health & Safety
Greg Davis Faculty
Warren Denny University Architect
Tim Armstrong Planning, Design & Construction
Todd Adkins Risk Management
Maureen Dreckman Landscape Architect