Safety and Resources

In addition to pedestrian infrastructure and safety enhancements, the University of Kentucky supports walkers in a number of innovative ways.

This support can take the form of occasional MoveWell challenges designed to increase your activity. Or, if you need to walk across campus late at night, Safe Cats offers students an escort service. There are also designated walking routes called Cat's Path, or paths that were chosen due to their frequent use and accessibility to central campus locations. These routes have highly visible signage and are frequently patrolled by officers with the UK Police Department.

Walking across campus in the wintertime presents its own challenges because of snow and ice-covered walkways. UK Facilities Management has identified several walking routes for priority snow clearance. These routes are based upon the volume of walking traffic across campus. Being aware of the WalkSafe sidewalk snow plan can help you pick the smartest route from the parking lot or bus stop to the clearest entrance(s) to your building.

Below are some resources to get you started on the right path:

MoveWell Rewards
UK Walk Safe
Safe Cats Student Safety Escort Service
Cat's Path
Campus Walking Routes
Winter Walking Routes & Safety Tips