Concur First-Time Users

Concur is UK's online travel reservation system, administered by our lead agency AAA Corporate Travel. The system offers flexibility of 24/7 business and personal (leisure) travel arrangements. Concur can book airline tickets, hotel and rental car reservations, and some rail reservations.  UK’s vendor discounts with Delta and United airlines, Enterprise, National Avis and Hertz rental cars, and Lexington local hotels are all accessible on Concur.

The service fee to use Concur is $6 for each domestic or international ticket issued, or an Amtrak reservation. There is no fee to book a hotel or rental car reservations.

To access Concur, you must first register on the system and then build your travel profile, which is a collection of data about you that Concur and AAA full-service agents will use to make all your travel arrangements.

*Please do not create duplicate profiles - if you feel there may be a profile already created, please call the Concur Help Desk at (877) 463-0543 for assistance.*

To get started on Concur:

  1. Call AAA's Concur Help Desk at (877) 463-0543 Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. to request the link to the UK Concur Registration page. You must provide the Help Desk with a valid UK email address, and then you will receive the registration link. Once on the registration site, please complete all fields as instructed, but do not change the “Configuration Settings”.  Click “submit” and you will receive an email confirming your registration with Concur. Log into Concur at
  2. Complete your Travel Profile. After logging into Concur at, click on the Profile tab at the top right of the screen to complete your travel profile. Ensure your first name and last name match the photo I.D. you will present at airport security. Ensure phone numbers are current, and credit card numbers are valid at all times. After completing your profile, click "save."  Now you can begin researching or making travel arrangements.
  3. Research and make travel arrangements.  Click the "Travel" tab at the top of the screen to begin making researching/making travel arrangements.  Spend a little time getting familiar with the different tabs and links available to you for managing your travel and answering questions.  As you proceed through the travel arranging process, please pay special attention to the important notes at the top of each section. See the helpful links at the bottom of the Company Notes page.  Contact the Concur Help Desk at (877) 463-0543 with questions.

Concur Returning Users