Endowment Internship Program

The Investment Office offers paid part-time internships to University of Kentucky undergraduate students. The internship is structured across two years with a student starting in the fall of their junior year and concluding in the spring of their senior year. This allows for intern staffing continuity for the Investment Office, and also allows for the student to learn from an upperclassman in their first year of the internship, and then to gain training and mentorship experience in their second year.

Real-world Experience

Standing at over $2 billion, the UK endowment relies on many different professionals for its management and success. Our endowment interns have a front-row seat to the many groups that work on the portfolio. These include internal UK staff, external money managers across various asset classes, and UK’s investment consultant, among others. Student interns are exposed to manager diligence and selection, investment and portfolio monitoring, peer benchmarking, and market commentary and review. Given the fast moving and dynamic nature of the investment industry, ad-hoc projects and research are common.


Recruitment for the endowment internship is competitive and is expected to occur in October and November of students’ sophomore year. The internship is targeted toward students interested in exploring endowment and/or investment management career paths.

Students majoring in finance, economics, and/or accounting most often have the needed educational background to be successful in the internship. Critical skills include timeliness, accuracy, accountability, attention to detail, organization, and a proactive and collegial communication style.

Select candidates are extended an interview invitation that is conducted with all full-time staff members of the UK investment office. We suggest that applicants review the UK Endowment website and familiarize themselves with endowment investing ahead of their interview. Questions are welcome and encouraged during the interview, both about the role and the broader industry. 

Each year, typically in October, the endowment internship job posting and instructions for applying can be found on the Handshake platform through the Stuckert Career Center.


Current UK Endowment Interns

In the 2023-24 school year, the Investment Office has two interns, one in her senior year at UK, and one in his junior year. Interns work in our office on campus 2-3 days a week for a few hours, balancing work against classes and extracurriculars.


  Name Major(s) Graduation Year Internship Years Summer 2023 Internship
  Brady Hibbitts

Finance, Accounting

2025 2023-2025 VonLehman & Company Mergers & Acquisitions Analyst
  Xomie Sukach Finance 2024 2022-2024 Summer Investment Banking Analyst - Structured Finance at Goldman Sachs


Past UK Endowment Interns

The Endowment’s internship program has been running since 2016. Past interns have successfully leveraged their experience into full-time careers, many in the investment management world. Past interns are listed below:




Graduation Year

Internship Years

Career Since Graduation


Curis Dom Finance, Accounting 2023 2021-2023 Investment Banking Analyst at Stephens

What were the overlaps between the internship and classroom work?

"The biggest overlap from the internship and the Endowment was being able to see how concepts learned in class, such as how investments are evaluated, translates into the “real world” of asset management. I remember one time a position I assessed for class was also evaluated by a manager, and it was really interesting to see how a finance professional approached evaluating the same thing I did. It helped me to understand how finance professionals think outside of an academic setting."

Chris Tan

Finance, Accounting

2022 2020-2022 Investment Banking Analyst at William Blair

What was most useful about the internship?

Interning with University of Kentucky’s Endowment has been a terrific experience and certainly the best internship on UK’s campus, in my opinion. During my time as an intern, I was exposed to many projects, meetings, and daily tasks that have better prepared me for a career in finance. I would say the most useful part of the internship was the opportunity to improve my professional skills in a supportive environment. The office is a friendly environment in which I was able to connect well with the investment team and learn from their experience in the field. The use of different programs in my various tasks improved my efficiency in Excel as well as other commonly-used programs. I also gained a much better understanding of the broader investment universe in terms of different asset classes and portfolio construction. Overall, I could not ask for a better experience with UK’s Endowment as I gained many skills and experiences that will benefit me in my career in finance.

Reid Heltsley Finance, Accounting 2021 2019-2021 Investment Banking Analyst at Raymond James “The internship was a great experience for me.  Most people think “investing” only involves the stock market, but the hundreds of management letters I had the opportunity to read proved otherwise.  You can invest in anything from music royalties to water infrastructure to Apple.”
Andy Flood Finance, Accounting 2021 2019 Wealth Management Specialist at Merrill Lynch

What was your favorite project or meeting during the internship?

My favorite project during the internship was the monthly market commentary that the interns would create for the University’s Investment Committee. Each month, we were asked to create a one-page review of what transpired throughout the global economy during the prior month. We would analyze how multiple indexes performed, and were asked to provide thorough research and commentary as to why these indices performed well or poorly. This ongoing project required us to constantly examine the equity, fixed income, and alternative investment markets, which in turn inspired me to strive to grasp the dynamics of the aforementioned markets’ dynamics. I learned endless new financial terms and topics by reading published reports that were made available to us by the Endowment. Finally, the internship enabled me to hone my researching, reading, and professional writing skills, which benefitted me both in the classroom and in my career. It solidified in my mind that Finance was passion that I wanted to pursue as a career. I am forever grateful for my time spent interning at the University of Kentucky’s Endowment Office, and I know all future interns will cherish the experience as much as I did.

Connor McKee Finance, Accounting 2020 2018-2020 Investment Analyst at University of Kentucky Endowment; Senior Financial Analyst at Bank of America

What was your biggest financial lesson learned in the internship? 

“The ability to analyze the current economic environment and adapt to new and unprecedented conditions is invaluable in understanding the next level of financial proficiency, beyond what can be read in a book or online article. The Endowment allows for the unique opportunity to not only grow your intellectual curiosity, but to do so while learning from the best in the industry and acting as an integral part of the team with a wide array of responsibility.”

Ben Long

Finance, Economics, Accounting

2019 2017-2019 Associate at Gryphon Investors; Investment Banking Analyst at William Blair

What was most useful about the internship? 

”My experience at the Investment Office gave me an inside look into institutional investing through access to research and insights from a variety of investment managers, which has provided helpful perspectives in my roles in investment banking and private equity.

Eric Winkler Finance, Economics, Accounting 2018 2016-2018 Private Equity Associate at Neuberger Berman

What was most useful about the internship? 

“The opportunity to work with the UK endowment was one of the most beneficial opportunities of my undergrad experience. Notably, the ability to meet with or review managers across so many asset classes provided the chance to better understand the opportunities available in the institutional asset management space very early in my career development.”

Dylan James Finance, Accounting 2016 2015-2016 Asset Backed Finance / Debt Capital Markets at Fifth Third Bank

What was most useful about the internship? 

"The internship with the UK endowment provided a unique, on campus experience that allows students the opportunity to apply financial concepts learned in the classroom to a real world setting. The internship opens your eyes to how large the investing universe is and introduces you to a wide variety of asset classes that may not be covered in depth throughout your coursework. Getting up to speed on a variety of investment managers and their processes while gaining experience in portfolio monitoring and benchmarking was invaluable experience as I began my career."