Payment Plus Supplier Enrollment Form

How Payment Plus Works:
Suppliers will complete the short form providing demographic information and authorization for enrollment in Payment Plus. Subsequent to enrollment the supplier will receive specific operational details and guidance for processing future payments. Beginning on the effective enrollment date, the supplier will receive an automated remittance email for each payment. The email includes a link to a secure web portal that contains a unique, one-time VISA card account number to charge, the amount of the payment and other pertinent details for posting the payment to receivables.

Some specific benefits of accepting University of Kentucky payments by Payment Plus are:

  • Accelerated Payments (all invoices will be paid immediately upon confirmation of goods receipt and invoice)                           
  • Improved Cash Flow/Reduced Borrowing
  • Streamlined Receivables
  • Real-time Notice of Payments
  • Complete Remittance Details by Email                     
  • Reduced Paperwork

Suppliers that currently accept VISA may enroll in Payment Plus immediately by completing the form below.  Further questions may be directed to the University of Kentucky by contacting Accounts Payable Services, at 859-257-1402. 


*All fields are required.