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University Financial Services Training Classes

Below is a list of training classes offered by University Financial Services.  To enroll in any of the classes below login to your myUK and select Training under the Employee Self Service tab.  Find the course by searching the course title below.


Cash Handling Operations

  • Discusses departmental responsibilities in the handling and depositing of cash and/or cash equivalents in accordance with Business Procedures Manual (BPM) E-2-1 – Treasury Operations Manual.  Attendees will learn to recognize risks associated with handling of cash, how to safeguard cash, the importance of department cash handling policies and procedures, and how to incorporate sound internal controls and best practices within the daily operation of their departments.

Introduction to Endowments

  • The University of Kentucky’s endowment exists to support the institutional mission and operations of the University over the long term such that both current and future generations of students receive benefits from the endowment. “Introduction to Endowments” is a course presented by Endowment Services to provide the University community witha basic understanding of endowments.

    The intent of the course is to:

    •Provide basic endowment-related definitions;

    •Discuss how to establish or make changes to an endowment;

    •Demonstrate how to access SAP screens and BW reports related to endowments; and

    •Provide the methodology for calculating spending distribution and discuss management of spending distribution


Supplemental Procurement Card Training

Procurement Card Editing FI_PC_300 Procard Editing

This course is designed for University departmental Business Officers and Account Clerks responsible for reallocating expenses made on the University Procurement Card. This course is a requirement for anyone needing access to edit cardholder transactions through Enterprise Services. Focus will be on University policies and procedures and will include detail instructions on how to complete the Procurement Card Editing process with hands on instruction.

Travel Services

  • Learn the policy and procedures for making travel arrangements for UK official business travel.

Concur Online Booking Tool

  • Learn how to use Concur, UK's online travel reservation system. Upon completion of this class, you will have created your Travel Profile and will be able to make an airline, hotel and car reservation.

Advanced Concur Online Booking Tool

  • NOTE: Participants in this class are required to be experienced Concur users!

    In this class users will learn to use Concur's advanced features, to include booking multiple travelers, sharing and cloning reservations, creating templates, requesting e-receipts for hotel and car expenses, and using various tools.

Rate Class XV - Imprest Cash Accounts

  • As part of the RATE Classes series offered by OSPA, this class will cover the establishment and maintenance requirements of Imprest Cash Accounts for the purposes of research, change funds, small purchase accounts, travel advances, and overseas expenditures, in accordance with Business Procedures Manual (BPM) E-2-1, Section III. – Imprest Funds.  For more information regarding the RATE Classes, click here to visit the RATE Classes webpage on the UK HR Training & Development website.