Travel Services - Training

Please register through SAP to attend these three training classes offered by Travel Services. These classes are included in Human Resources Training & Development Business Procedures Training program.

  • Travel Services – In this class, you will learn the procedures/policy for making official University business travel arrangements through Travel Services, and the procedures/policy for travel reimbursement.  TRIP training materials are reviewed in this class, but TRIP demonstrations are not provided.
  • Concur Online Booking Tool – In this class, you will learn how to use Concur, UK's online travel reservation system, to make your official University business travel arrangements.  Upon completion of this class, you will have created your Travel Profile and will be able to make an airline, hotel and car reservation.  This is a hands-on computer class.
  • Advanced Concur Online Booking Tool – In this class, you will learn to use Concur’s advanced features to include booking multiple travelers, sharing and cloning reservations, creating templates, and requesting e-receipts for hotel and car expenses.  This is a discussion/hands-on computer class.  Participants in this class are required to be experienced Concur users.

Travel Services training schedule for 2019:

Travel training.png