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Travel Services strives to ensure that University employees promptly receive ACH reimbursements for official University business travel expenses. TRIP, our integrated online travel solution, is used to request approval to travel and to request reimbursement for business travel expenses. TRIP is easily accesible through the Employee Self Service (ESS) portal for all employees, and online training materials and quick reference cards are available here as well.  TRIP also provides the history of each employee’s travel, and records are stored electronically for easy access and reporting.


TRIP Training Materials

Required Travel Documentation


Quick Reference Cards


TRIP Training Materials

These links will take you to the myUK login page.  Enter Employee Self Service (ESS), then enter Travel Requests and Travel Expenses to access these training materials. 

Required Travel Documentation

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Airline Receipt Requirements

Must show:

  • Name of traveler.

  • Ticket number.


  • Ticket issue date.

  • Travel vendor from which ticket was purchased.

  • Complete itinerary.

  • Type of credit card used for payment.

  • Payment for airfare plus any applicable vendor fees.

  • Documentation showing exchanged ticket transactions (if applicable).

  • Cost Comparison from Concur or Trip Manager if ticket was purchased from an alternate vendor.

See Travel Management Services for additional information about booking official University of Kentucky business travel.


Hotel Receipt Requirements

Must show:

  • Name of traveler.hotel.jpg

  • Name of hotel.

  • Dates of arrival and departure.

  • Room rate.

  • Type of credit card used for payment.

  • Payment for hotel charges and applicable taxes ("zero" balance).


Car Rental Receipt Requirements

Must show:

  • Name of traveler.

  • ThinkstockPhotos-105662377.jpg

    Name of car rental company.

  • Dates of car pickup and return.

  • Daily or weekly rate (whichever is applicable).

  • Type of credit card used for payment

  • Payment of rental car charges and applicable taxes.


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All of the following questions can be answered by viewing the Business Procedures Manual.


How do I learn more about allowable travel reimbursements or compiling travel documents?

If you are traveling on University business or you are responsible for compiling travel documents, read sections E-5-1 and E-5-2 of the Business Procedures Manual.

If you are submitting the travel reimbursement via paper please click here for guidance and see websites below.

Where can I find the reimbursement amounts for domestic or international per diem meal rates?

Please note that payment for a meal per diem requires the traveler to have an overnight stay and be in travel status throughout the entire time frame established for that meal. Subsistence cannot be claimed for meals included in registration fees. See the chart below for the appropriate time frames:


Begin Time

End Time


6:30 a.m.

9:00 a.m.


11:00 a.m.

2:00 p.m.


5:00 p.m.

9:00 p.m.

 Quick Reference Cards

TRIP (Travel):

Military Time Conversion.pdf

TRIP Copy to Another Employee.pdf

TRIP Copy to New Dates for Same Employee.pdf

TRIP Cost Assignment.pdf

TRIP Country-Region Search.pdf

TRIP Documentation in ECM-Enterprise Content Management.pdf

TRIP Documentation in SAP-FB03.pdf

TRIP Region Settings.pdf