Additional Licensure Information for Teacher Preparation and Education Programs

Educator preparation programs are designed to prepare students to pursue licensure in Kentucky. Out-of-state candidates who are certified teachers or initial certification candidates should be advised that we cannot guarantee these programs will meet licensure, salary, advancement or other requirements in their state. The University of Kentucky is not approved by any other state board outside of Kentucky to provide licensure directly in that state. Teacher licensure requirements vary depending on state laws. Laws and requirements change often, so it is important that you check with your state board listed on the Licensure Disclosures by State page.

All of our educator preparation programs at UK are nationally accredited, state approved, and lead to the appropriate certification in Kentucky. After completion of our approved programs, students will apply for a state-issued (Kentucky) educator license. In most cases, this will include a Kentucky educator license (certificate). If you are wanting licensure in another state, please see the disclosures. The College of Education recommends obtain a Kentucky license which can then be transferred to the state of choice in most cases.

Be aware that not all educator preparation programs are available in every state. Check the State Authorization by Program page to see if your program is available in your state of residence. Some state boards require additional steps before students can do a practicum or student teaching in that state. Please contact UK Distance Learning for more information if you plan to take an educator preparation program outside of Kentucky.