Interactive Video (ITV)

Interactive video (ITV) is a two-way audio and video technology that allows instructors to conduct real-time classes with students at multiple remote sites. Instructors typically teach in an on-campus classroom equipped with microphones, cameras, and screens; students may be present in the room or may be connected from remote sites. All remote sites have a site coordinator present to provide support services and resolve technical issues that may arise during classes. On-campus staff is available to help with ITV classrooms and troubleshoot remote site issues. Information about on-campus ITV staff, remote site locations, and coordinator contact information can be found below.


UK Interactive Video Technicians


Lisa Bramel

859-323-6455 or 859-257-7797

ITS Customer Service: 859-218-HELP

Tom Prichard

859-323-6455 or 859-257-2216

ITS Customer Service: 859-218-HELP

Kevin Cornelison

859-257-5916 or 859-257-5683

cell: 859-420-7931

ITS Customer Service: 859-218-HELP

James Wireman,

859-257-5916 or 859-257-6037

ITS Customer Service: 859-218-HELP

ITS Customer Services

ITS Customer Services provides assistance for supported student technology needs at the University of Kentucky. Contact ITS Customer Services with questions, to review self-help topics, or to request additional assistance.