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Add Student to Future Degree List: Extraordinary Hardship

How do I add a student to a future degree list? The student did made a mistake but will suffer extraordinary hardship if the student is not on this coming degree list!

Per Senate Rules, a petition to add a student to a degree list because of an error on the part of a student that will experience the extraordinary hardship must be sent by the dean’s office to the Senate Council (SC) office.

The petition must come through the dean’s office and have the approval of the academic director of the student’s degree program. Send an email to Sheila Brothers ( in the SC office requesting review of the petition. Incomplete petitions will automatically be denied. You must attach a one-page memo that contains the information listed below.

  1. A one-page, signed statement from the student specifying the exact nature of the extraordinary hardship that will occur due to failure to be included on the degree list in question.
  2. A description from the student describing the circumstances that prevented the student from applying prior to the established deadline. (Failure to be aware of the deadline is not an acceptable excuse).
  3. Documentation, including contact information, for verification of the facts presented in (1) above.
  4. Letter of support from the academic director of the degree program, co-signed by the dean and includes the student’s name, UKID, major and degree.
  5. The petition must be received in the SC office no later than four business days prior to the scheduled date of action by the Board of Trustees on the degree list in question. (Click HERE for the Board of Trustees' meeting schedule .
  6. SC staff will schedule you to attend the next possible SC meeting so SC can hear your request. If the SC is not in session, or if the petition cannot wait until the next SC meeting, the SC Chair can review the request on behalf of the SC. The SC Chair will report the decision to the SC and Senate when they next meet.