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Add Student to Past Degree List: Administrative Error

How do I add a student to a past degree list? The student did everything right but the student is not on the list due to an administrative error by a staff or faculty employee.

A petition to add a student to a future degree list because of an error made by a UK staff or faculty employee must be sent by the dean’s office to the Senate Council (SC) office as soon as the error has been identified. The petition will likely be heard by both the Senate Council and by the University Senate (Senate), in separate meetings.

Please send an email to Sheila Brothers ( in the SC office requesting review of the petition. You must attach a memo, no longer than one page in length, that contains the information listed below.

  • Student’s full name.
  • Student’s UKID.
  • Student’s degree and major.
  • Degree list on which the student should have been included (such as “December 2015” or “second August list for 2016”).
  • Clear description of the nature and circumstance of the error.

The SC Chair will present the request to the SC and to the University Senate. If questions arise that cannot be answered via the information in the memo, the item will likely be tabled and SC staff will schedule you to attend the next possible agenda.

If the SC and/or Senate is not in session, or if the petition cannot wait until the next meeting of either body, the SC Chair is responsible for considering the merits of the request, on behalf of both bodies (per SR The SC Chair will report the decision to the SC and Senate when they next meet. If approved by the Chair, the Chair will then make a formal request to the Provost's office to ask their willingness to add it to the Board of Trustees' next meeting agenda.

It is only after approval by the Board of Trustees that the administrative error is corrected.