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Campuswide Ad Hoc Committees

There are a number of University-wide committees that have University Senate- and Senate Council-nominated members. The committee name and the Senate Council-nominees are listed below.

Current Committees

    Fall 2017

  • Ad Hoc Committee on Administrative Regulations 6:2 (“Policy and Procedures for Addressing and Resolving Allegations of Sexual Assault, Stalking, Dating Violence, and Domestic Violence”) [Memorandum (PDF) and Suggested Changes to AR 6:2 (PDF)]
    • Jennifer Bird-Pollan (chair)
    • Garrett Bell (member)
    • Jeffrey Bosken (member)
    • Alice Christ (member)
    • Diane Follingstad (member)
    • Davy Jones (member)
    • Willis Jones (member)
    • Beth Kraemer (member)
    • TK Logan (member)
    • Martha Alexander (participant)
    • Marcy Deaton (participant)

  • Ad Hoc Committee on Title Series
    • Please click HERE for the committee's dedicated page.

  • Blue-Ribbon Panel on Graduate Education

    (Entire cmte listed below; Senate- and SC-nominees identified by an asterisk.)

    • *Mark Lauersdorf (AS/Linguistics)
    • *Mark Coyne (AG)
    • *Sarah Lyon (AS)
    • *Jenny Minier (BE)
    • *Tom Kelly (NU, ME)
    • *Beth Barnes (CI)
    • Greg Luhan (DS)
    • Beth Rous (ED)
    • *David Puleo (EN)
    • *Zach Hilt (EN)
    • *Rachel Shane (FA)
    • *Donna Kwon (FA)
    • *Carl Mattacola (HS)
    • *Brett Spear (ME)
    • *Katie Cardarelli (Pbh)
    • Gabriela Jiskrova, student
    • Kaylynne Glover, student
    • Donna Arnett, Dean, Public Health
    • Kip Guy, Dean, Pharmacy
    • Mark Kornbluh, Dean, Arts & Sciences
    • Ann Vail, Interim Dean, Social Work

Discharged Committees