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Advisory Committee on Diversity and Inclusion

Roster Year: 

  • Rae Goodwin, '24
  • TK Logan, '24
  • Ajay Mehra, '22
  • Brittany Smalls, '24
  • Julia Stevens, '23
  • Kip Guy (Nominated by VP Institutional Diversity)
  • G.T. Lineberry (Nominated by VP Institutional Diversity)
  • Vacant (Student Nominated by SGA)
  • Vacant (Student Nominated by SGA)
Senate Rules

A. Composition. The SACDI is an advisory committee of the University Senate and its membership is appointed by the SC. Six University Faculty members shall be voting members. Two student members nominated by the Student Government Association (SGA) shall also be voting members. The University Faculty members shall serve staggered three-year terms and the SGA’s nominees shall serve one-year terms. The SACDI shall also have two ex officio nonvoting members, who shall be recommended by the Vice President for Institutional Diversity, both of whom shall have UK-related responsibilities pertaining to diversity and inclusivity. Members may serve consecutive terms but must be reappointed by Senate Council.
The SC shall appoint a chair from one of the six University Faculty members.

B. Charge. The SACDI is charged with: increasing diversity among senators, in particular representation of underrepresented minorities; working with senior leadership to disseminate best practices for recruiting and retaining faculty of color and other underrepresented groups; and addressing other issues around diversity and inclusion as they arise.