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Distance Learning and e-Learning



Roster Year: 
  • Chris Flaherty (SW), '21
  • Francisco Andrade (ME/Physiology), '20
  • Yuha Jung (FA/Arts Administration), '22
  • Shannon Oltmann (CI/Information Science), '22
  • Simon Sheather (BE, dean), '20
  • Elizabeth Tovar (NU), '22
  • Jennifer Pusateri (Ctr for Enhancement of Learning & Teaching, universal design specialist), ex officio
  • Miranda Hines (Distance Learning Programs), ex officio
Current Items for Review
  • Proposed New Definition of Attendance for Distance Learning Students (PDF)
Senate Rules

Identify, assess and address issues related to distance learning* and eLearning* and make recommendations to the University Senate for policies. Specifically, the committee's activities shall include the following areas: 

  1. Identify issues related to distance learning and eLearning and recommend policies.
  2. Monitor and respond to the University Senate concerning SACS, state and federal regulations related to distance learning and eLearning.
  3. Recommend strategies for dissemination of distance learning and eLearning issues and policies.
  4. Recommend strategies for effective implementation of distance learning and eLearning.
  5. Collaborate with other UK groups/committees on issues related to distance learning and eLearning as appropriate.

*For the purposes of this rule, the following definitions shall apply: 
Distance Learning - A formal educational process in which the majority of the instruction (interaction between students and instructors and among students) in a course occurs when students and instructors are not in the same place. Instruction may be synchronous or asynchronous.

eLearning - A broad combination of processes, content, and infrastructure to use computers and networks to scale and/or improve one or more significant parts of a learning value chain, including management and delivery