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Institutional Finances and Resource Allocation

(A joint committee of the University Senate and Staff Senate.)


Roster Year: 
  • Olivia Davis, '20 (University Senate)
  • Yoonbai Kim, '20 (University Senate)
  • David Ziebart, '20 (University Senate)
  • Jeff Bosken, '20 (Staff Senate)
  • Monica Whalen, '20 (Staff Senate)
  • Elijah Wilson, '20 (Staff Senate)
Current Items for Review
Senate Rules

The SIFRAC is charged to inform the Senate Council and the Senate on the present status of the prospective changes in the finances and other resources available to the University. The SIFRAC shall analyze public budget documents, published reports about financial and other trends and shall consult appropriate officials in fulfilling this function. It shall also examine budgetary data concerning the allocation of available financial resources resulting from budget reductions. However, the SIFRAC's concerns here shall not be focused on departmental, college or other particular interests, but on general concerns and procedures taken from the perspective of the entire University. The SIFRAC shall issue a report annually, and shall make specific reports to the Senate Council at the latter's request.

Membership on the SIFRAC shall include senior faculty with financial and budgetary expertise relevant to university finances. Neither the chair nor a majority of the SIFRAC members have to be elected members of the Senate.