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Rules and Elections Committee (SREC)



Roster Year: 
  • Bob Grossman, '23
  • Davy Jones, '22
  • Doug Michael, '24
  • Allison Soult, '24
  • Gail Brion, '24
  • Roger Brown, '24
  • Susan Cantrell, '22

Informational Resource (non-voting):

  • Laura Anschel, '22, Ombud's Office


Election Information

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Multidisciplinary Research Centers/Institutes

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Current Items for Review
  • Codifying Provisional Approval of Courses and Program Changes
    • Motion from SC: "For the 2015-16 academic year, if a course proposal or program change approval situation is so urgent that it cannot await approval via the 10-day web transmittal posting, but it has received all necessary department and/or college faculty approvals and the approval of at least one academic council, then the SC Chair may provisionally approve the course proposals and program changes for a single initial semester so long as the Chair reports that action to the SC and University Senate at the next possible meeting. The course cannot be taught again, nor can the program change be considered final, until the proposals finish the remaining post-college approval steps, nor may the Chair render a second provisional approval for the same item(s)."
      • There is no ruler by which "so urgent" is measured.
      • SC office announces deadlines by which items must be received in order to get them approved in time for the following fall. For the last two years the deadline was April 15.
      • Generally, the problem is that an item is received late in the semester but needs some revisions. The contact person makes changes and gets it back to this office, but at that point there aren't 10 business days (prior to May 15) for senators to review it on a web transmittal.
      • The motion is explicit and only addresses course proposals and program change proposals. New minors are explicitly not included.
      • This service is offered, in part, to ameliorate the Senate not taking action on curricular proposals between May 15 and August 15.
Past Items for Review
  • None, as of September 10, 2019.
Faculty Governance Information
  • Status of Academic Administrative Officers in Relation to University Faculty, Faculty Senators and Faculty Trustees (PDF)
  • History of Various Faculty Titles Series
  • Faculty Representative to Board of Trustees
    • Changes to Faculty Trustee State Election Law 1960 - Present (PDF)
    • List of all Faculty Trustees 1960 - Present (PDF)
  • History of Composition of Search Committee for UK President (PDF)
  • History of University Senate (PDF)
  • History of UK Faculty and Honorary Degrees (PDF)
  • Brief History of Voting Rights for Department Chairs and Other Faculty Administrators (PDF)
Meeting Minutes

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Senate Rules

The Senate's Rules and Elections Committee (SREC) is charged with codifying, making editorial changes in, and interpreting, the Rules of the Senate, at the direction or with the approval of either the Senate Council or the Senate. It shall be responsible for initiating any changes in the Rules concerning the organization of the Senate (SR 1). It shall also evaluate and revise any section of the Rules where necessary to eliminate inconsistencies, clarify confusing statements, and note omissions, and may initiate and suggest to the Senate Council any necessary modification in the Rules.

The SREC shall certify faculty member eligibility in elections of Faculty Trustees, and in elections of University Faculty representatives to the Senate, to the Senate Council, and to a Presidential Search Committee. In addition, the SREC shall recommend to the University Senate election policies and procedures.