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Senate Hearing Panel (Privilege and Tenure)

Hearing Announcement

April 27-29, 2021: The meeting previously scheduled for April 27 has been cancelled.

Roster Year: 

2021 Jon Thorson (PH/Pharmacy)
21 Scott Bauries (LA/College of Law)
21 Richard Jeffries (AS/Anthropology)
2022 Jason DeRouchey (AS/Chemistry)
22 Joshua Douglas (LA/College of Law)
22 Jennifer Hunter (AS/Gender and Women’s Studies)
22 Yang Jiang (ME/Behavioral Sciences)
22 Kevin Pearson (PH/Pharmacology and Nutritional Services)
22 Joseph Sottile (EN/Engineering Mining)
2023 April Hatcher (ME/Neuroscience)
23 Jason Keinsley (LI/Libraries)
23 Danelle Stevens-Watkins (ED/Education, School and Counseling Psychology)
23 David Thomas (HS/Athletic Training and Clinical Nutrition)
23 Stacy Vincent (AG/Community and Leadership Development)
23 Sharon Walsh (ME/Behavioral Science)