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Technology Committee

  • Chair: Mark Lauersdorf, '22

  • Roster Year: 
    • Ken Calvert, '23
    • Mark Farman, '22
    • Beth Kreamer, '22
    • James Lumpp, '22
    • Martha Riddell, '22
    • Ex officio, non-voting members

    • Kathy Hamperian (CIO)
    • Roger Brown (SCDLeL)
    Charter: Senate Technology Committee (STC)

    The Senate Technology Committee shall be composed of six (6) members of the University
    Faculty with a broad range of technological expertise and experience, and representative of
    multiple University colleges and departments, appointed by the Senate Council to staggered
    three-year terms, and one student member, appointed to a one-year term by the Senate Council
    in consultation with the president of the Student Government Association. Ex officio, non-voting
    members of the Committee shall be the UK Chief Information Officer (or that person’s designee)
    and the chair of the Senate Committee on Distance Learning and eLearning (SCDLeL). The
    Committee chair must be one of the six appointed University Faculty members. The six University
    Faculty members and the one student member are voting members of the Committee.
    The Senate Technology Committee is broadly concerned with all issues related to information
    technology (IT) at UK. The STC’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
    ● Provide a formal channel for Senate communication between faculty/students and UK
    Information Technology Services (ITS) and other administrative units concerning University
    technology infrastructures, services, policies, and procedures.
    ● Review proposals from UK ITS, and other administrative units, regarding University technology
    infrastructure, services, policies, and procedures and make recommendations to the University
    Senate Council concerning endorsement and change.
    ● Bring proposals and recommendations to the University Senate Council concerning any
    technology issue that may affect the educational objectives and mission of the University (GR
    IV.C.6) or concerning the application of technology to policy or procedure for faculty personnel
    matters (GR IV.C.7).
    ● Review and make recommendations to the University Senate Council concerning any matter
    in which the proposed application of technology constitutes an educational policy issue (GR
    IV.C.1), when the Senate Council determines that responsibility for the particular matter is not
    charged to any other Senate committee.
    ● Make recommendations to the University Senate Council for faculty membership on the
    Committee and for selection of the Committee chair.