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Meeting of the: 
Meeting Date: 
Wednesday, July 14, 2010
Agenda is Below: 

(LOCATION CHANGE: SC will be meeting in the Lexmark Public Room, 209 Main Building.)

  1. Vice President for Research James Tracy: Presentation on "Competing in the Era of Big Bets: Achieving Scale in Multidisciplinary Research"

  2. Minutes and Announcements
    • Minutes from April 26, 2010 (PDF)
    • Minutes from May 10, 2010 (PDF)
    • Minutes from May 27, 2010 (PDF)

  3. Proposed Ad Hoc Committees from May 27, 2010 Retreat (PDF)

  4. Communication between Senators and Home Departments/Colleges
    • Listservs; Office of the Senate Council "Senate Information List" Emails; Provide Each Senator with All Respective College's Senators/Email Addresses

  5. Goals for the Senate Council and University Senate
    • Senate Council Members' Proposed Goals
    • Governance Over the Summer - "Rapid Response Team"
    • Creation of Strategic Plan for University Senate

  6. Specific Committee Charges (Suggestions from May Retreat: PDF)
    • Senate's Academic Organization and Structure: "What Constitutes a Significant Reduction for Educational Programs?" (Senate Rules 3.3.2)
    • Senate's Academic Advising Committee: "Set Standards for Academic Advising in Conjunction with Advising Network"
    • TBD Senate Committee: "Time Requirements for Faculty Participation in Committee Activities and Possible Proposal of Formal DOE Allocations for Effective Service"
    • TBD Senate Committee: "Teacher/Course Evaluations - "Validity of Questions and Validity of Scale Used"

  7. UK Research Foundation Update - Chair Swanson