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Meeting of the: 
Meeting Date: 
Monday, September 19, 2011
Agenda is Below: 
  1. Minutes from August 22 (revised) (PDF) and August 29 (PDF) and Announcements
  2. Old Business
    1. Action Items
    2. Senate Parliamentarian
    3. Replacement Member on SC
    4. Discussion on Interpretation of Senate Rules (PDF)
  3. Introduction of Assistant Provost for Faculty Affairs Lynda Brown-Wright
  4. Membership of Interim General Education Oversight Committee (IGEOC), 2011-2012
  5. Discussion on Open Access - Libraries Dean Terry Birdwhistell and Associate Dean Mary Beth Thomson
  6. Syllabi and the Tobacco-Free Policy - Professor Ellen Hahn
  7. Senate Oversight of Study Abroad Courses -Associate Provost for International Programs Susan
  8. Carvalho & Assistant Provost for International Programs Gary Gaffield

  9. Review Committee - Huron Consulting (Linnea Texin and Serena Matsunaga)