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Meeting of the: 
Meeting Date: 
Monday, November 5, 2018
Agenda is Below: 
  1. Minutes from October 29, 2018 and Announcements (PDF)
  2. Old Business
    1. Proposed Change to Senate Rules 4.2.5 ("Graduate School") (PDF)
    2. Results of 2017-18 Faculty Evaluation of the President
  3. Committee Reports
    1. Senate's Academic Programs Committee (SAPC) – Aaron Cramer, Chair
      1. Proposed New USP between the BSCHE Chemical Engineering and PhD Chemical Engineering (PDF)
      2. Proposed New Graduate Certificate in Executive Educational Leadership (PDF)
      3. [significant change] Reopening of Master of Science of Nursing (and Changes to Requirements) (PDF)
    2. Senate's Admissions and Academic Standards Committee (SAASC) – Herman Farrell, Chair
      1. Proposed Change to PhD Gerontology (total required credits) (PDF)
      2. Proposed Change to PhD Chemistry (qualifying exam requirements) (PDF)
      3. Proposed Change to Senate Rules (“Application for Degrees”) (PDF)
  4. Tentative Senate Agenda for November 12, 2018 (PDF)
  5. Items from the Floor (Time Permitting)