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Meeting of the: 
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Monday, September 21, 2020
Agenda is Below: 

Due to the COVID pandemic, all SC meetings will be held via video conference until further notice. Below is the link to access Monday's meeting via Zoom. Email Stephanie Woolery for the password if you have not already received it.;

  1. Minutes from August 31, 2020 and Announcements
  2. Committee Reports
    1. Senate’s Advisory Committee on Privilege and Tenure - Michael Healy, Chair
      1. 2019-20 Report
  3. Calendar Requests
    1. Proposed Change for Rosenberg College of Law Calendar for Spring 2021 [pending receipt of documentation] (PDF)
    2. Proposed Nonstandard Course Calendars
      1. AAD Courses (PDF)
      2. DHN Courses (PDF)
    3. [Item Requested to be Added to Agenda] Proposed Winter Intersession 2020-21 Calendar (PDF)
  4. Request to Waive Portion of Senate Rule ("Dead Week") for PAS 650 (proposal presented to SC PDF) (proposal approved by SC PDF)
  5. Modalities for Winter Intersession
  6. Senate Meeting Roundtable
  7. Soliciting Opinions from University Community (PDF)
  8. Senate Meeting Materials
  9. Concerns Related to Governing Regulations VIII (“University Appointments”) (PDF)
  10. Items from the Floor (Time Permitting)