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Senate Council Officers

Aaron Cramer (College of Engineering)

Vice Chair
DeShana Collett (College of Health Sciences)

Office Personnel:

Sheila Brothers (859) 257-5872

Ms. Brothers' responsibilities include programs, certificates, items for Senate committees, degree lists, SC & Senate meetings, Chair's calendar, SC/Senate minutes, and Curriculog management.

Joanie Ett-Mims (859) 257-5871

Ms. Ett-Mims' responsibilities include courses, Undergraduate Council, UK Core, GCCR, second reinstatement & retroactive withdrawal requests, HCCC and Curriculog management.

Katie Silver (859) 218-4077

Ms. Silver's responsibilities include, second reinstatement & retroactive withdrawal requests, HCCC, social media & website management, newsletter, Chair's calendar, and SC/Senate minutes.

Mailing address: 203E Main Building, -0032

Faculty Trustees

Lee X. Blonder, '22 (College of Medicine)

Hollie Swanson, '23 (College of Medicine)