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Nonstandard Course Calendar

Deviation of a course offering from the established University calendar creates significant difficulties in managing class space assignment, tracking of student status and eligibility for various student benefits, potential for improper course overload, etc. Therefore, the Senate Council may opt to approve such requests only if the justification is highly compelling. Proposals for such nonstandard course calendars must include the information listed below.

  • Name of contact person for the proposal.
  • Course prefix and number.
  • Proposed start and end date for the course.
  • Whether the request for a nonstandard calendar is for one time only, or on a recurring basis. (If recurring, please elaborate.)
  • Justification for the request.
  • Whether or not the nonstandard calendar creates an actual or potential violation of Senate Rules 5.2.2 ("Student Load"), specifically the number of credit hours taken by a student during a specific period of time. (If so, please explain and justify.)

Upon receipt of a request for a nonstandard course calendar, the contact person will be invited to attend a Senate Council (SC) meeting, at which time the SC will determine whether or not to grant the request for a nonstandard calendar.