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Pass/Fail Grading in Spring 2020

The Senate Council voted to allow that all undergraduate academic programs shall accept a grade of P in a course taken in spring 2020 as satisfying graduation requirements as long as the change is made by May 1, 2020, at 11:59 pm EDT. Furthermore, for the Spring 2020 semester, freshmen and those students on academic probation will be permitted to elect Pass/Fail status for these courses. No course for which a student elects Pass/Fail status in the Spring 2020 semester will count against the maximum of four courses, which may typically be taken by a student during their undergraduate career at UK.

Letter grades A through D are converted to Pass. A letter grade of F is converted to Fail.

For courses that satisfy program or college requirements, unit faculty will determine pass fail eligibility.

Individual instructors cannot unilaterally convert their course to Pass/Fail grading during this semester.

  • The deadline to convert an undergraduate elective course to Pass/Fail grading for the Spring 2020 was previously February 5. That deadline is now 11:59 pm on May 1.
  • Students may not typically elect Pass/Fail grading for courses used to satisfy UK Core Requirements. For the Spring 2020 semester, that limitation is waived, and students may elect Pass/Fail grading for courses in UK Core. That election must be made by 11:59 pm on May 1.
  • Students may not typically elect Pass/Fail grading for any course used to satisfy an undergraduate program or college requirement. Program and college faculty are making unit-level decisions about those requirements and the availability of Pass/Fail grading. Contact your adviser for more information.
  • Students will have to exercise the options described here in consultation with their advisers. Please contact your adviser to elect Pass/Fail grading for any of the courses for which it is available.
  • Graduate students and professional students should look out for more information from their respective colleges and programs regarding what options will be available for grading and withdrawal in their programs.