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Spring 2023 Faculty Trustee Election


Nomination Form

  • Faculty Trustee Nomination Form (PDF)

Candidate Petitions

  • Nomination Petitions for Faculty Trustee Candidates (PDF)

Election-Related Policies and Rules

  • Attorney General Opinion OAG 15-009 Concerning Nepotism and Trustee Election (PDF)
  • Link to Senate Rules Regarding Faculty Trustee Election (PDF)
  • Link to Policy on Prohibition on Use of UK Communication Resources to Advocate for Candidates (PDF)

Links to Candidate-Related Information

  • Karen Petrone (PDF)
  • Hollie Swanson (PDF)


  • Eligibility to Nominate, Run, and Vote in Faculty Trustee Elections (PDF)
  • List of Those Eligible to Nominate in the Faculty Trustee Election (PDF)
  • List of Those Eligible to Run in the Faculty Trustee Election (PDF)
  • List of Those Eligible to Vote in the Faculty Trustee Election (PDF)

Disputing Eligibility Determinations and Provisional Ballots

  • Procedures for Disputing Election Processes or Eligibilities (PDF)
  • Provisional Ballot for Preliminary Voting Round (pending)
  • Provisional Ballot for Final Voting Round (pending)

Email Announcements Regarding 2023 Faculty Trustee Election

  • Pending

Past Items of Interest

  • Email regarding specific candidates and campaigning information (PDF)

  • Email regarding initiation of nomination period (PDF)

  • Email regarding incomplete DOEs (PDF)

  • Email regarding eligibility to submit nominations (PDF)