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Syllabus Template

(Click here to visit Summary of Course Syllabi Changes, Effective Fall 2021)

Effective Fall 2021, there are new campuswide requirements regarding course syllabi. Specifically, every syllabus must include 26 required syllabi components (as applicable). Visit the Senate's page on Course Syllabi (Effective Fall 2021) for more details about the new requirements.

Syllabus template (for both face-to-face and distance learning courses): (DOCX)

Note: Due to recent changes in requirements for syllabi, there are only three differences between a syllabus used for a face-to-face course and a syllabus used for a course delivered via distance learning. In addition to what is required for a face-to-face course, a distance learning syllabus must also include the three components below. All other aspects of syllabi are the same for face-to-face courses and distance learning courses.

  1. Virtual office hours
  2. Preferred method of communication
  3. Maximum timeframe for responding to student communications: