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University Senate & Senate Council

Senate Council meetings will be held at the regular time via Zoom.

There will be no in-person Senate Council meetings for the remainder of the Spring 2020 semester. All meetings will be held via Zoom, and the information for these meetings will be available on the Senate webpage.

Unfortunately, it is not feasible to plan to conduct a Senate meeting entirely via Zoom. State open meetings laws includes some caveats about ensuring digital connections that would make it nearly impossible for online Senate meetings to comply with state law. While the Senate Rules allow the Senate Council to act on behalf of the Senate in emergency situations, we want to maintain as much communication with Senators as possible, in the event that the Senate Council must act on behalf of the Senate for an extended period. Our proposed compromise solution is to plan for Senate Council to approve proposals on behalf of the Senate, but only after senators have had a chance to review agenda items and submit comments in advance, or via electronic means, in circumstances when the Senate Council will be acting on behalf of the Senate. More details about this will be made available to senators, but please know that we are working under the assumption that Senate business will continue with as few disruptions as possible.

For an opinion of the Attorney General regarding Kentucky State agencies meeting remotely please visit here.