New Students

Welcome to Wildcat Country! We are here to ensure your application process and transition to campus is a smooth one. If you would like your military experience to be evaluated for college credit, please forward your Joint Services Transcript ( or Community College of the Air Force transcript ( to the school as part of your admissions application. The application fee is waived for veterans. If you have already paid this fee, please contact us with your full name and student ID to receive a refund. The phone number for the VRC is 859-257-1148.

The University of Kentucky is dedicated to the student veteran mission. In partnership with the VRC, the UK Student Veterans Association has made a Student Veterans Success checklist with a wealth of information for incoming student veterans. We are all here to ensure that student veterans and veteran affiliated students are successful in attaining their academic goals and UK has the highest retention rates in the state!

Transitioning from the military to a college campus can be tougher than you think.  While the campus environment is probably much safer than what you are used to, it does offer its own set of pitfalls. UK pre-registers all of its incoming student veterans for a veterans-only campus orientation class.  Don't worry this is not the normal UK 101.....this is a course designed for student veteran success.  Student veterans who complete the course are retained at 72% whereas those who never took the course are retained at 44%.  This graded course will provide you with the necessary tools to make your transition successful.  Students who have taken this course have performed ahead of their peers both in grades and in retention rates. The course is made up entirely of veterans and taught by veterans.

One of the challenges you face as a veteran is paying for your college education as you will likely enter college with more financial obligations than those of the average high school student. If you plan on using your GI Bill® benefits to pay for school, you must submit a VA Benefits Request Form to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). You can do this online at The University does NOT evaluate your service record to determine your benefits eligibility; that is the role of the VA. However, we will assist you in the benefits application process by putting you in contact with a VA representative and providing you with the necessary forms.

Once you have received the Certificate of Eligibility approval letter from the VA, please email it to the certification official, Ms. Amy Southwood at You can also schedule an online meeting via zoom to discuss any questions or concerns you may have regarding your GI Bill benefits. The certifying official will then notify the VA of your status as an enrolled student. Students must notify the certifying official each semester of the specific classes they have registered for using the form at this link. Students who depend on these benefits to meet their living expenses should bring enough money to cover expenses for at least eight weeks while the first benefit check is processed by the Dept of Veterans Affairs.

For further information on VA educational benefit programs in this region:

St. Louis VA Regional Office 
P.O. Box 66830
St. Louis, MO 63166-6830
Phone (888) 442-4551