Update regarding online instruction during the pandemic

Letter from Mr. Tony Dotson, VRC Director, 17 March 2020

You may have already received an email from the VA regarding your benefits as related to our current pandemic.  The University of Kentucky is approved by the Kentucky State Approving Agency for Veterans Education to offer online courses. Therefore, UK’s move to online teaching will not affect your GI Bill benefits in any way.   

Please note that all nonessential UK personnel are working remotely, therefore the Veterans Resource Center will remain closed until further notice.  Should you need assistance you may call (859) 257-1148 and leave a message that will be forwarded to email, or you can email directly to expedite the process:

General Questions related to admissions – Eric Haley: eric.haley@uky.edu

Certification, Benefits - Amy Southwood: amy.southwood@uky.edu

VocRehab, VA, Benefits - Joel Andrade: joel.andrade@va.gov

Director, Anthony Dotson: anthony.dotson@uky.edu

Thank you for your patience and stay well.

Anthony G. Dotson

UK / Republic Bank Veterans Resource Center

Lexington, KY 40506-0054

(859) 257-1148