C.A.T.S. Survey

The C.A.T.S. (Campus Attitudes Toward Safety) Survey consists of questions that ask students about opinions, knowledge and experiences relating to safety on campus. For example, do you feel safe on campus? Have you had experiences that threaten your sense of safety or well-being? Are there improvements UK can make to change the environment for the better?

All students are required to complete the C.A.T.S. survey prior to registration. CATSseesafety_0.png

C.A.T.S. is important for gathering feedback regarding the campus climate and our efforts to ensure the best possible environment for all of our students. Participation in C.A.T.S. also will help further sensitize our students to issues of safety. These initiatives are particularly important to the process of creating a culture and environment in which all of our students can feel safe and in which they can be successful.

- President Capilouto

To view the results of the 2016 C.A.T.S. survey, click here. For more information, please visit the CATS See Safety website or reach out to CATSseesafety@uky.edu.