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What is it for?

UK-Devices is a hidden network that uses a pre-shared key and approval process to allow secure Wi-Fi access for devices that are not able to connect to eduroam such as:

  • Wireless door locks
  • Smart TV's
  • Game Consoles

How Do I Connect My Device to UK-Devices?

Departmental IT administrators or their designees may contact ITS Customer Services at 859-218-HELP (4357) or

MyDevice Portal

The MyDevice Portal is for students, faculty, & staff living in housing that uses UK Wi-Fi networks (complete Campus Wi-Fi Map here) with a device that is unable to download the onboarding certificate to connect to eduroam. With the MyDevice Portal, these residents can manage a personal list of devices that that need access to the UK-Devices network. Note the device's MAC address must be provided & it must be capable of utlizing a pre-shared key for WPA2 password authentication. Individuals may pre-register up to 10 devices. Note: If not on a UK network, you may need to connect to VPN to access the MyDevice Portal. If you do not have VPN access, see How do I request VPN access? in the Tech Help Center.

Launch MyDevices Portal


Note: Streaming devices, smart speakers and other smart home devices are primarily intended for use on residential wireless networks. These devices may or may not function properly on the UK wireless network. ITS is happy to assist onboarding devices and resolving any device authentication issues. However, due to the growing number of devices that are available, communication issues between smart home devices is not supported at this time.