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The Winslow Property will be:

  • A rare space where ingenuity and creativity unfold
  • An opportunity to bring together the university and community to foster outcome- and solution-driven thinking and design
  • A place for audacious thinking to happen
  • A space to connect people with different passions and interests
  • A platform to reinforce our level of commitment to innovation, technology, creativity, and community
  • A cornerstone of our smart campus ambitions and the impact it can have
  • A place for research, innovation, service, education, and entrepreneurship
interior rendering of new building

Naming Options:

The Cornerstone (At UK)
A central tenet upon which our university is based and will build on moving forward.
The Wheelhouse (At UK)
Playing to our strengths as an institution and a community, we press our advantage.
UK Idea Market (UKIM)
A free-flowing exchange of ideas, action, and Kentucky culture.
The Upper Level
Connotes advanced higher education or advancement; building faces Upper Street.
The Gateway (At UK)
A way of achieving something significant; something within a larger organization that allows you access to other parts.
The Converge (At UK)
The point at which the sum of our parts become our best concepts and ideas.
interior rendering of new building