The Powder Mill Park Hatchery, New York
     One of four recipient organizations of the 1998
Bahamas donation project was the Powder Mill Park
Hatchery .   This Rochester, NY hatchery was a 
county funded  facility which the county cut funds
for a few years ago. It is now supported by private
efforts of fund raising and grants. This hatchery
supplies fish for stocking in the creek that runs 
through Powder Mill Park in support of Kids Derby's, 
the Senior Citizen Derby's as well as attempting to 
reintroduce a brown trout population.  A separate
education facility will be established in the 
hatchery complex and FF@-donated funds were used 
to rebuild some holding runs.
   John McManus  and  Jim Tefft are the FF@migos who
are involved in this project through their local TU Chapter 
and proposed it as a 1998 Bahamas donation recipient

Refurbished runs for brown trout

Former Egg hatchery and fry raising building ; to be converted to an education center.

FAMILY TYES organization, Pittsburg, PA
A second recipient organization of the 1998 Bahamas donation project was the "Family Tyes" organization. "Family Tyes" was created 3 years ago as a non-profit organization. The home base is Baldwin H.S., Pittsburgh. It now encompasses 10-12 high schools in Pittsburgh. The program is 22 weeks long, and includes rod buildling, fly tying, knots, casting, stream side tactics and etiquette. The students are taken on 12- "day trips", 3-4 overnites, a trip Steelheading in Lake Erie and a yearly trip to Montana. They attend flyfishing shows, and one of the photos below is from the 1998 Somerset, N.J. show.

Club members at a booth at the 1998 Somerset, N.J. Show.

Family Tyes students intently waiting for a STRIKE !