FF@ Biographies of Flytiers 


   This section of the FF@ webpage is devoted to the biographies of
flytiers both past and contemporary.  This effort attempts over the long
term to collect biographies of flytiers.  It recognizes their
accomplishments but also gives some insight into how their creations came
about.  This resource will be freely available for reuse as long as
acknowledgement of origin is made.  It is hoped that readers will be able
to use it for learning more about flytieing practices and history. 

   Obviously this is a huge undertaking and can only be successfully
accomplished by the efforts of many.  Therefore I would invite all to
submit biographies of flytiers either living or departed.  I will act as
editor to save Danny an additional burden.   Please contact me to indicate
your interest in writing a bio about someone or to submit a biography.  I
will keep track of authors and subjects.  If more than one person indicates
an interest for a particular tier I will put those authors in contact with
one another and let them cooperate or fight it out off list (VBG).  
   Guidelines:  As a selfimposed editor I do not wish to dictate structure. 
Any style is acceptable - serious vs humorous, formal versus
conversational, etc.  However being an academic I do have a fixation about
references and citations.  Please indicate your sources and do not
blatantly plagerize (I know nobody does this).  I would also request that
your selection of subject be directed to legimate flytiers who have created
new flies or techniques.  Uncle Rufus who ties a mean tobacco fly that no
one knows about or uses is not the intended focus of this effort.  It is
directed to those who have contributed something new - fly pattern,
technique, material etc.  I will lean to the side of inclusiveness but
there is a limit to space.  To help start the project an outline of
information is given below.  There is no need to follow the outline.  It is
a general idea of the scope of the information that is being sought.       

I.  Biographical Information
   A.  Date/place of birth
   B.  Current residence
   C.  Occupation
   D.  Typical locations the tier fishes

II.     Flytieing History
   A.  Length of time tying
   B.  How flytying was learned
        - teachers or individuals who influenced the style of
        - evolution of flytying e.g. stillwater then saltwater
        - participation in flytying groups 

III.    Style of Fly Typically Tied
   A.  The species of fish and water type the fly is target to
   B.  Style e.g. impressionistic vs imitative
   C.  Unique or special techniques used
   D.  Preferred materials
   E.  Events at which the tyer routinely demonstrated his style

IV.     The Flies associated with the Tier
   A.  Favorite Flies
   B.  Innovations
        -  where published and illustrated

V.   Sample Fly Pattern of the Tier

VI.  Amusing anecdotes involving the flytier

   It should be appreciated that with time more information may become
known and that a submitted version might be updated.  All contributors will
be acknowledged.  
   So far the following people have gotten wind of this and have paid good
money to embarrass the following subjects

Gene Trump will write about Dave Engerbretson

Russ Lavigne will write about Charles Lovelette
                            Peter Burton
                            Bob Veverka
                            Ed Shenk

   If you do decide to write about someone living, please seek their
cooperation and make every attempt to respect their wishes.  If they do not
wish to be a subject of a biography, I believe we should respect that

Lindsey Grandison

        email = grandiso@umdnj.edu