North East Conclave weekend of 27-31 May . Wilmington Notch DEC campground .

Details here" Hosted by Chris Knight

Family Clave weekend of 13-16 August . Wilmington Notch DEC campground .

Details here" Hosted by Chris Knight

Alberta Clave will be August 3-9 on the North Ram River in central Alberta. Map details to come later.

Hosted by Jim Fox


Lake Placid Clave 29 May to 01 June. Wilmington Notch DEC campground .

Details here" Hosted by Chris Knight

North East Conclave weekend of June 6-8 .

Terry's Shinhopple Campground Catterskills (Rte. 30 along the East Branch).. no reservation needed for tents, just show up and pay for whatever days you're there. Some will certainly show up early, so don't be shy. If you need a lot in the trailer park below, call Terry's to make that reservation. (607) 363-2536 $8.00 per night per person on the tent grounds at the top of the hill, I think it's $25 a night for a full hook up if you have a trailer. Call and find out you have to make a reservation for that anyway, so you might as well ask. A collection will be taken up for firewood. I am going down there end of April to fish (or more likely, drown if the weather doesn't improve ) and remind Phil (aka Terry) and his wife we are coming and we need the firewood.

Hosted by Steve Weiter and Agust Gudmundsson

Alberta Clave week of 17 August. Details comming .

Hosted by Jim Fox


North East Conclave weekend of 30 May - 02 June . NEC will be heading home to the Wilmington Notch Campground this spring for its 20th anniversary celebration.

Details here" Hosted by Chris Knight

Striperheads clave Wednesday, September 18 through Sunday September 22nd

I will be on site Sunday September 15th through Sunday September 29th for a total of 2 weeks. Area 4 Nickersons Campground, Brewster Mass, Cape Cod. Hosted by Stephen DiCerbo


Open invatation to fish the Madison and other waters in Montana,.

Hosted by lister's name withheld by request but you can email him and arrange details

North East Conclave weekend of June 23 2012, on the Grand River in Ontario.

Details here" Hosted by Tyson Reiser

Lake Placid Clave June 1-3. Wilmington Notch DEC campground .

Details here" Hosted by Chris Knight

Elk River clave in southern British Columbia, the week of August 26.

We will be there during the week of August 26 - I will probably arrive Monday and stay until Saturday (probably), though others are welcome to come and go on their schedules. There will be opportunities for some river floating on the Elk River and wading in the variety of waters in the area: the upper Elk, the Fording River, the Wigwam River, and various and sundry "Frenchman's" creeks, locations hinted at but never exactly revealed. Add to that some great company and good food and it should be a fantastic time. I am currently looking for a site to group camp in - I will let you know where it is soon. Also, more details to follow. . Details here" Hosted by Jim Fox

Striperheads clave Sept 26 - 30th

I will be arriving (planning to) on Saturday 22nd, Yurt # 16 Area 4 Nickersons Campground Get your reservations in asap with ReserveAmerica to avoid disappointment. The six month mark is in a couple days from now..... reserve starting in the morning of the date you plan to arrive....for instance: if you wish to arrive on Wednesday the 26 of September, you can reserve beginning the morning of March 26, or next monday. Hosted by Stephen DiCerbo

6. And they are pet friendly if you need to bring your hound or whatever.

7. Lots of things to do for families in area,

8. I like to give business to those we all know first!

I don't have a date in mind just yet, hopefully we can work around their busy season and weather dependent, maybe late Spring when the mountain flowers are in bloom?