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Southeastern Flies
The long awaited (at least by me) flytying book by yours truly is FINALLY released!
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E. TN FF'ing FF'ing in E. TN:
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Southeastern Flies Southeastern Flies:
Flytying Book by L.J. DeCuir
Smoky Mtn. Patterns Fly Patterns From The Smokys
found in Southeastern Flies
The Fly Tyer's Desk The Fly Tyer's Desk:
Featured Patterns from Southeastern Flies
FF@ Info Info on FLYFISH@ Listserv FF@ ASCII Sigs FF@ ASCII Graphics Terresterial Fly Swap The FF@ Terresterial Fly Swap:
Photos and Patterns
L.J.'s Lighting Designs Theatrical Lighting Designs
by L.J. DeCuir
L.J.'s Bio L.J. DeCuir's Vita L.J. Photo Photo of L.J.
The Sourmug Section The Sourmug Section:
Iris Bulldogs
Disclaimer Legal Disclaimer
Interspersed throughout are drawings of flies useful in E. TN.

My thanks to everyone who helped get this page up and running and to the gang from FLYFISH@ who inspired the whole thing.

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