Welcome to the FLYFISH@ web page, the companion page to the discussion list
on the internet called FLYFISH@. This web page will be the repository for the wit 
and wisdom of the members of FF@. It will not be a substitue for belonging to the
list, but an accessory to it. If you flyfish and love it the way we do, then you belong 
on the list. See the instruction for joining, we look forward seeing you on  FF@. Enjoy!
    As you will see when navigating through the site, it is the work of more than one 
person, special thanks has to go to David Liverman who started the first FF@ 
home page and labored long over it. He has graciously allowed his work to be 
transferred here so that the list and its web page could both be housed at the 
same site, the University of Kentucky. Many other list members have contributed 
to this page and my thanks goes to them for sharing their work with all of us. I 
look forward to your suggestions, comments and, more importantly, your 
contributions to this space. 
Danny Walls, owner Flyfish@