Flyfish@ polls and surveys

compiled by Dwyne R Patrick

As you might imagine a regular pass time on the list is proposing, conducting, reporting and dissecting surveys of ourselves. In the past year several surveys have been conducted. A sample of proposals and results: The past year has seen surveys on:

There are without a doubt surveys that I have missed. If you have a burning desire to remind me of some, send me (Dwyne R Patrick) the proposal or the results page and I'll get a correction pulled together.

Bamboo rods

Bamboo Rod Survey
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 1995
From: Hayashida, Darryl
Last month [Oct 1995] there was a survey to see how many rods members of the list owned. At the conclusion of the survey I asked how many people owned and fished with bamboo rods. A total of ten people responded, and here are the results.

1 person fished with a cane rod exclusively. 3 people fished with a bamboo rod most of the time. 4 people fished with bamboo only when on a small stream (only had a small, light line cane rod). 2 people owned a bamboo rod, but never used it. (collectors item).

Ten out of a total membership on the list of over 1300 is a very small number. I guess bamboo rods aren't very common.

Darryl Hayashida

Favorite flies

Date: Thu, 1 Jun 1995
From: Andrew Webber

Well, This thread has sort of petered out so I guess it is time to explain myself. Some thought that this was a waste of time but we salmon fisherman are a devious and subversive group. If I don't have to resort to subterfuge to get pattern or a fly, such as stealing a fly from a friends case while admiring his skill in tying or while he is playing a fish, the fly was probably no good in the first place. I now have a list of flies that I am confident that if I find myself anywhere in Europe, Canada, the U.S. or New Zealand I will have the right fly somewhere in my vest. I may not hook a fish but that was only because I didn't have time enough to try all the flies I have.

BTW no salmon fisherman in his right mind goes to a river without at least two hundred flies and forty or fifty different patterns. The salmon is always rising to a fly different than any you have on your person.

For the interest of the list the big favorites were:

Dry fly

Surprise, Surprise - The Ubiquitous Adams. The most popular with ten out of thirty-two responses. Second was the Elk Hair Caddis with the rest being one vote each. I have a complete list if any one is interested.

Wet fly

- A variety of Nymphs - I did not get into specific Nymph patterns because most were similar.

Second was the Woolly Bugger in a variety of colors. A close third was the Muddler.

I also know what to use when fishing Bass, Striper or saltwater species and sea trout.

The only problem now is finding time to tie all these patterns in all the sizes that I need and then find time to fish them. Oh well .... one must persevere. Andrew Webber

Rod survey

Rod Survey Results - at last!
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 1995
From: "Richard Frank"
Highlights of the rod survey! I've done a thorough statistical analysis of the rod survey data using the most advanced stat packages available. (Well, actually I used my 5-yr-old's Dinky Doodle Calculator.) Here are the highlights.


  1. (1-3 rods ): 22%
  2. (4-8 rods ): 36%
  3. (9-12 rods): 28%
  4. 13+ rods ): 14%

23% of those responding claimed that their lives could be in jeopardy if their wives find out how many rods they own. (To these I would recommend the approach taken by one respondent who tells his wife that each of his graphite rods costs $29. He said that she's really pleased now that he's going to buy some of those cheaper wooden models.)

93% in catgories A. through C. are generally looking to be in the next highest category, ~at least~. Almost everyone who responded (A. - C.)is either building, buying or planning to buy a new rod soon. (No significant statistical difference could be found between those who claim that their lives are in jeopardy and those who do not. Brave souls!)

79% claim to use 85% of their rods regardless of category. Several possible conclusions can be drawn from this: a) They really do need all those rods. b) They don't need all those rods, but they'd feel guilty if they didn't use them. c) They're fisherman. They lie.

72% spoke of loving their rods. (And we think PETAs are strange!)

Statistical Aberrations:

Dick Spurr confessed to holding on to approximately 200 rods but after explaining that 193 were actually business merchandise and four others were his wife's, I put him in category A. :-}

One respondent has a rod and reel that he picked up for $20+. He catches lots of fish. (This kind of aberrant behavior should not be tolerated by other list members. He probably fishes wet and doesn't even wear a vest.)

That's it for now. I considered making this an annual survey, but I doubt that some list members could handle the excitement. Perhaps we could survey fly collections. How many GRHE do you have? Sizes? BHs? Wouldn't that be a hoot? ;-}

Many thanks to all for participating in this senseless frivolity. It was really nice to meet some of you off the list. (Some very funny folks out there!)

Age distribution

Here's a histogram of the age of FF@ list members, compiled by Blake Werner

Geographic distribution

A survey by Dave Churches, assisted by Blake Werner.. Results based on responses collected by Blake. Of course this does not represent the entire list of more than 1000 members, but gives some idea of the distribution of active members. Blake has also prepared a histogram from this data.
  • Australia 2 (1 ACT, 1 SA)
  • Canada
    • Alberta 6
    • British Columbia 5
    • Newfoundland 2
    • Ontario 4
    • Quebec 1
    • Yukon 1
  • Netherlands 2
  • South Africa 1
  • UK 1
  • USA
    • Alabama 1
    • Alaska 1
    • California 5
    • Colorado 3
    • Connecticut 1
    • Georgia 1
    • Idaho 2
    • Indiana 2
    • Iowa 1
    • Kentucky 2
    • Maine 2
    • Maryland 1
    • Massachusetts 2
    • Michigan 4
    • Missouri 3
    • Nevada 1
    • New Hampshire 1
    • New Jersey 2
    • New Mexico 1
    • New York 8
    • North Carolina 4
    • Ohio 1
    • Oklahoma 1
    • Oregon 5
    • Pennsylvania 4
    • South Carolina 1
    • Tennessee 2
    • Texas 4
    • Utah 1
    • Vermont 2
    • Virginia 4
    • Washington 2
    • West Virginia 1
    • US Virgin Islands 1

    Contributed by Dwynne Patrick
    Any corrections, questions or comments to Dave Liverman