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Orff Research Webliography

Welcome to the online Orff Research Webliography. This webliography is a comprehensive, annotated bibliography of research in Orff Schulwerk (OS) related to music teaching and learning, from different countries around the world.  Feel free to browse the currently available sections.

Instructions for Using this Webliography

The database is searchable and cross-listed by researcher, methodology, publication type, as well as key words and more.

Under "list entries" you can see all entires currently in the system. These are listed 25 to a page and can be sorted alphabetically by the primary author, title name or the source.

By clicking "View more..." next to an entry you will see a page that contains the full entry information for that item.

On the full listing page you will notice that any keywords are hyperlinks. This will allow you to easily find all entires that have been put into the system with that keyword. To return to a full listing of all entires, just click the "List Entires" menu item again.