Evolutionary Ecology:
Concepts and Case Studies

Edited by:
CHARLES W. FOX, University of Kentucky
DEREK A. ROFF, University of California, Riverside

DAPHNE J. FAIRBAIRN, University of California, Riverside

Reviews of "Evolutionary Ecology" in Animal Behaviour, Bulletin of the British Ecological Society and the Quarterly Review of Biology

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Table of Contents

I. Recurring Themes
1. Nature and Causes of Variation, Susan J. Mazer and John Damuth
2. Evolutionary Significance of Variation, Susan J. Mazer and John D. Damuth
3. Natural Selection, Daphne J. Fairbairn and Jeff P. Reeve
4. Adaptation, David Reznick and Joseph Travis
5. Phenotypic Plasticity, Massimo Pigliucci
6. Population Structure, Leonard Nunney
7. Inbreeding and Outbreeding, Nickolas M. Waser and Charles F. Williams

II. Life Histories
8. Age and Size at Maturity, Derek A. Roff
9. Offspring Size and Number, Frank J. Messina and Charles W. Fox
10. Senescence, Marc Tatar
11. Life Cycles, Jan A. Pechenik
12. Sex and Gender, Turk Rhen and David Crews
13. Sex Ratios and Sex Allocation, Steven Hecht Orzack
14. Ecological Specialization and Generalization, Douglas J. Futuyma

III. Behavior
15. Mating Systems, Ann K. Sakai and David F. Westneat
16. Sexual Selection, Udo M. Savalli
17. Cooperation and Altruism, David Sloan Wilson
18. Foraging Behavior, Donald L. Kramer
19. Evolutionary Ecology of Movement, Hugh Dingle and Marcel Holyoak

IV. Interspecific Interactions
20. Ecological Character Displacement, Dolph Schluter
21. Predator-Prey Interactions, Peter A. Abrams
22. Parasite-Host Interactions, Curtis Lively
23. Plant-Herbivore Interactions, May R. Berenbaum
24. Mutualisms, Judith Bronstein
25. Geographic Dynamics of Coevolution, John N. Thompson

V. Adaptation To Anthropogenic Change
26. Pesticide Resistance, John A. Mckenzie
27. Predicting the Outcome of Biological Control, Judith H. Myers
28. Evolutionary Conservation Biology,
Philip W. Hedrick

Cover Art by Mary Price